Ottawa Chinese Bible Church

some recent photos of the OCBC!

ocbc main and graham

the light-filled corner of graham and main makes for a welcoming welcome area

ocbc detail

quality canopy cladding ensures no future oil-canning!

ocbc detail 2

the new, the old, and the new again


OCBC FrontOCBC backocbc interior

The Ottawa Chinese Bible Church (OCBC) purchased a stately 1950s A-framed church building, ideally located in downtown Ottawa, with the intention of building an addition to satisfy the needs for classrooms and offices. The design proposes an optimized circulation between old and new, an elevator, and a new welcome/fellowship lounge to anchor the corner. The new facade is takes its cue from the original rhythm of glass and columns, which remain exposed in the new fellowship lounge area. [seeking site plan control approval ]

Onward Gospel Church


The design of Onward Gospel Church meets various constraints given by its restrictive site (both physically and code-wise!) Given that the sanctuary must take the entire width of the site, it was expanded and moved to the back of the lot, as a single storey element with a climbing roofscape. At the front, the lobby area is to be expanded and much needed classroom and office space are located on an expanded second storey. [in design]